The Feet Are The Gateway To 10,000 Illnesses (A Japaneese Proverb)

Many people interested in alternative health remedies have rediscovered ancient techniques such as foot reflexology, in which areas of the feet are stimulated (think acupuncture points) to help boost good health and well being throughout the body. And now a treatment called the ionic foot bath- a unique form of hydrotherapy based partly on theories of reflexology and ancient Chinese medicine. The concept is that many imbalances in the body can be improved by treating the feet. The ionic foot bath procedure is said to help enhance the flow of energy through energy channels, called meridians, in the body, and improve process such as digestion, circulation, and detoxification. Some people say they enjoy better sleep, more overall vitality and relief from various ailments.

How does an ionic foot bath work? First, you immerses your bear feet in a basin of water that’s placed on the floor, than you place a small device called a water modules into the basin, which safely sends a 2~amp current of negatively charged ions into the water through a insulated wire. The water also contains soothing sea salts to enhance conductivity, the whole process is somewhat similar to magnetic therapy.We have more than 2000 pores in each alkalinewatee foot, the negatively charged ions in the water are absorbed into the soles of the feet. They then circulate through the body to cleanse organs and “pull out” toxins from foods and other substances that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Certain toxins, such as heavy metals, can sometimes be found in common substances such as kitchen cookware, lipstick and other cosmetics and toiletries sometimes contain traces of unwanted materials that can collect in our bodies. In addition to the relaxation benefits of a foot bath treatment, sign’s of what practitioners say is internal cleansing also becomes apparent. Interestingly, while the foot bath session begins with a basin full of clear water often changes during a session, this can suggests which types of toxins are being removed from the body, according to interpretations based on certain principles of Chinese medicine.

For instance, if a brown tinge appears in the water, this can suggestion that the liver is being detoxified, while black flecks can indicate heavy metals are being released. Dark green can indicates the gall bladder, while orange suggest the joints. Red flecks can suggest blood clots martial, and white cheese like partials can be related to yeast in the body; yellow-green water can indicates the kidney or bladder. The water will sometimes change to various colors during a single treatment, suggesting that a range of toxin is being eliminated.And in different sessions for the same person, color shifts may vary on different days, too.

After a foot bath, people sometimes feel such a lightness and a change in themselves And they definitely feel like they have happy feet. The foot bath treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone wearing a pacemaker, or anyone with open wounds on the feet, or epilepsy. Please note with no feet in the water as with feet in the water you will see an orange/brown color change to varying degrees depending on your water. This is normal because of a the impurities in the water.

Water needs to be viewed as a living thing and only then can we begin to understand what it really is, and how it affects life. For this very reason you should never use distilled water or water that has been treated by reverse osmosis for a foot bath treatment. People who consume large amounts of distilled or reverse osmosis water run the risk of becoming anemic and low on energy because the damaged water will take your energy in an effort to try to reanimate itself. There’s a big difference between dead water and living water.


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