How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Long Term Car Hire?

here will be a few situations in your life where you may need to consider hiring a car for a long period time. This can be an extremely expensive process if you do not follow the correct procedures. In order to know how muchΒ you can expect to payΒ forΒ long termΒ carΒ hire, you need to figure out exactly what your needs are with regard to the vehicle itself.

There are two different options when hiring a vehicle, short term and long term. Short term car hire is normally associated with holidays or travelling. In these cases, the car will be rented to you at a daily rate. Long term car hire is rented to you at a monthly rate. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose to rent a car between three and twelve months when choosing long term car hire. The number of months that you choose to rent the car for will determine how much it will cost you per month. Different makes of cars will also be more expensive or less expensive to rent. If you only need a car to get around in for a few months, due to circumstances beyond your control, it is not advisable to choose an expensive car to hire.

If you are unable to buy a vehicle outright, you can “rent to own” a one by choosing long term car hire. This is a fantastic way in which to drive the car of your dreams in an instant, instead of waiting and saving for months and months on end. You can get your car straight away and pay for it on a monthly basis until you have the cash on hand to buy it from the dealer. In certain circumstances, you may be able to negotiate the monthly price to accommodate your needs. Just remember that the more money you can put towards your car monthly, the faster the car will be rightly yours.

How much can you expect to pay for a car? Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between R50,000.00 to R250,000.00 for a motorcar. These prices will be determined by the make, year and whether or not the car is second hand. If you choose to purchase a second hand car for long term car hire that is priced at R50,000.00 you can expect to pay R4166.67 per month over a twelve month period. Ultimately, the amount of money that you can expect to pay towards a car will be determined by taking these different elements into account. Prices will also vary according to the company that you deal with.

Do your research before choosing your new car

Before choosing to “rent to own” a car, make sure that you do adequate research. You need to take into account how much you can realistically afford to pay for a car each month, what year model you would ideally prefer, the actual model of the car and whether or not you would be satisfied with a second hand car. Once you have figured all this out, you need to come to the best long term car hire companies.

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