Choosing Sunglasses to Suit the Shape of Your Face

When most people go out to purchase sunglasses, most of them know the sort of type they want; however, not everyone ends up with the right style round sunglasses that will compliment their face. Those styles that are new and deemed to be fashionable are not always suited to everyone. The trouble with sunglasses is that they draw people’s attention to your face, and an unsuitable pair of shades can be a fashion faux pas.

Get to Know Your Face Shape

It is important that you get to fully understand how the shape of your face will have an effect on the kinds of glasses that you can wear. This is because, certain face shapes only suit certain frame styles and depending on the shape of your face some styles will be more suitable than others, and this is important when it comes to choosing fashionable polarized sunglasses for men.

Face Shapes and Suitable Styles

If you are a person who has a face that is round, then you need to steer clear of frames that are similar, such as round and oval shaped frames, as these will appear to add more width to your face. Large frames are also best avoided as they can make your face appear longer in shape. People with round faces should attempt opt for frames that are rectangular of square in order to give their face some extra definition.

People with oval shaped faces are extremely fortunate, as they are able to carry off most designs of sunglasses.

Someone with a square face needs to plump for frames that soften the angular appearance of their face by choosing round or oval frames.

Color Choice

Once you have chosen a style of frame that suits the shape of your face, you are ready to start choosing a color that is suitable for you. People with pale skin need to steer clear of black and dark frames, and instead try and opt for lighter colors such as blues, reds, silver or even tortoiseshell. People with a dark complexion need to opt for clear frames or gold and silver frames, and anybody with a ruddy complexion should steer clear of any frames that have red in them.

No matter what shape your face is, you need to remember that the best way to choose sunglasses, is to make sure that you pick frames that are in contrast with the shape of your face.

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