An Efficient System for Building Business Relationships

It is essential to your company’s success to develop strong business relationships with the people that you come in contact with. Doing this can improve your company’s reputation, advance your company’s status in the community, and guarantee client loyalty. Take some time to brainstorm different ways to strengthen your professional relationships and then implementing virtual roundtables a timeline to make those activities a regular part of doing business. To help you with this task, we would like to offer you a few ideas on how you can effectively ensure that your business relationships will become stronger over time.

Customer Relationships
It is important to keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s mind. The stronger the bond, the more likely the client will tell others about your company and use your service or purchase your product again. Billions of dollars are spent every year for marketing and advertising to attract attention to a company’s product or service. Therefore, once a new transaction takes place, it should be equally as important to keep that relationship.

  • Gather your clients email and mailing addresses.
  • Create and distribute customer surveys. Learn more about creating a customer survey HERE.
  • Send thank you notes or follow up cards
  • Become a resource for your clients by offering a monthly newsletter
  • Create a website that contains information that your clients will find beneficial

Vendor Relationships
It is important to become more than a just another “sale” to your vendors. Your vendors can refer business to you, help you improve your bottom line, and ensure that your company keeps its good reputation.

  • Buy local! Use local vendors that hold the same values that your company holds
  • Learn the names of the sales people that visit your business. Take the time to establish rapport and explain your needs to them
  • Offer free samples and incentives to your vendors
  • Consider offering a yearly vendor party or seminar where you will have the opportunity to showcase your product or service

Employee Relationships
One business relationship that is often overlooked is the relationship that your company has with its employees. An unhappy employee reflects very badly upon your business.

  • Offer benefits to your employees that improve their quality of life such as continued education, gym membership, or health insurance. Often low-cost perks can have a large impact
  • Be clear in your expectations by having everything documented
  • Offer bonuses or incentives for work well done
  • Hold an “after hours” get together that is focused on team building. This will strengthen the relationships between employees

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